Frequently asked questions are listed here:

Question: My order has not arrived and it has been sent, how should I proceed?

Answer: The first thing you should do is to go to ask your local post office do they have a package for you. Sometimes in some countries the delivery notifications do not always reach the customer. Orders are sent from Monday to Friday at 2:00 pm. If your order arrives before 2:00 pm it will be sent within the same day. If your order arrives after 2:00 pm it will be sent the next day at 2:00 pm. If we ensure the shipment of your order from our system, Happyjuice does not take responsibility for deliveries that are lost on their way to customer.

Question: Is it possible to get a tracking code for my order?

Answer: Our deliveries are sent as maxiletters without tracking code. Usually the delivery leaves the country where we sent it from the next day after order is received.

Question: The device that I ordered is not working within the limitations of warranty time, how should I proceed?

Answer: Check our warranty policy from WARRANTY AND DELIVERY TERMS.

Question: I am a beginning vaper and I can not decide which device would fit my purpose?

Answer: A lot of people begin vaping with the most cheapest device available, this does not always provide the experience which is expected. Happyjuice recommends to test vaping by ordering a COMBOPACK for example. With our combo offers you do not have to think about which devices fit together, parts are chosen ready for you with a little discount and you are good to go with this great experience!

Question: How much E-LIQUIDS can I order?

Answer: You must check what are the regulations about nicotine in your country.

Question: Is it possible to quit traditional smoking with electronic cigarette?

Answer: Yes, there is a very large number of people that have quit regular tobacco smoking with the help of electronic cigarettes.

Question: Is using electronic cigarette harmful to my health?

Answer: According to studies electronic cigarettes are 95% less harmful to your health than traditional cigarettes. Studies also point that using electronic cigarettes does not cause noticable changes in users function of lungs, heart or blood.

Passive smoking from electronic cigarettes is also less harmful to people around you than in traditional cigarettes. Electronic cigarette does not produce the same toxins to the environment around you as the traditional tobacco.

Question: Which amount of nicotine in e-liquid should I choose for myself?

Answer: This varies from your preferred smoking habits. If you have smoked 1-2 packs of red tobacco in before we recommend e-liquids with 12 mg-18 mg of nicotine per ml for you (in devices which have maximum wattage of 50 W). Many users usually drop down in nicotine to 3 mg-6 mg as they continue vaping instead of smoking.

Question: Are nicotinebases safe to use?

Answer: Nicotinebases are safe to use as long as you dosage them right. Nicotine liquid shall not be drank or spilled into skin or eyes. Here is links to our nicotinebases MSDS-file and analysissheet:

Question: How does electronic cigarette work?

Answer: Electronic cigarettes produce vapor with battery, atomizer and e-liquid. Nicotineliquid consists of water, pg, vg, flavoring and nicotine if you choose so.

Question: Can I order electronic cigarette or e-liquids for myself?

Answer: You can order products from our store if you are at the age of 18 or above. You should also check the legal limitations of the country you are ordering to. Our products shall not be used by children, pregnant women, people with heart diseases, people with high blood pressure, diabetics or people with asthma or people who are eating depression medication. You should always ask your doctor before the start of using electronic cigarettes.

Question: Is electronic cigarette smokeless?

Answer: Yes, electronic cigarette is completely smokeless option for you. Electronic cigarette produces vapour, not smoke. Even it might look like electronic cigarette produces smoke it is just watervapour.

Question: Is there anything particular to notice before I order products from

Answer: Our products are meant for persons of legal age (18 years old and above). Our products shall not be used by minors, pregnant women, people with heart diseases, people with high blood pressure, diabetics or people with asthma or people who are eating depression medication. If you are not already a smoker we do not recommend starting usage of electronic cigarettes.

With nicotineliquids you shall notice that they include nicotine which can cause miscarriages and reproductive difficulties. Nicotine causes strong addiction. Nicotine is toxic if you spill it to your skin. If you spill nicotine to your skin or eyes, wash it immediately away with water and seek for medical attention. Bottles etc. with nicotine leftovers shall be put to hazardous waste.