Information for beginner

What is electronic cigarette

If you are a beginner with e-cigs it might be hard to choose from many options of e-cigs. Here we have a little bit of information to help you get started with this hobby. In our starting packs we have everything for you that you need in the beginning with vaping. E-cig or vaporizer is an electronic device which can replace regular cigarette in your life. The biggest difference between e-cig and regular cigarette is that with e-cig you only breath vapor. With e-cig there does not happen any burning which produces smoke, carbon monoxide, tar or any other harmful products from burning. E-cig also does not include any tobacco. E-CIGS

Where can I order e-cigs and e-liquids to?

E-cigs are completely legal in the area of EU and you can order your desired amount of items from our store. With nicotineliquids you should check the rules of your country because they are different in different countries. E-CIGS

Why switch smoking to vaping?

  • Vaping is mostly cheaper than smoking regular tobacco
  • There is no bad smell like in regular tobacco
  • There are a lot of different tasting liquids for e-cigs
  • You decide the amount of nicotine
  • Vapour does not colour your teeth or any other surfaces
  • You can taste and smell better
  • No risk of causing a fire 
  • E-CIGS


Happyjuice starting packages are with CE-marking safe devices, they include everything you need to begin vaping. E-cigs have parts that need to be changed regularly for clearomizers, these are coils. You should change your coil once in every 1-4 weeks. STARTING PACKAGES

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E-liquids with nicotine

The base of liquid is either Propyleneglycol (PG), glycerol (VG) or a combination of these two. Both of them are widely used in food- and cosmetologyindustry. In the base we add the liquid which brings the flavour, same liquid is used in the foodindustry. Happyjuice recommends 12mg nicotineliquids for beginners. Stronger ones (18mg) equal red tobacco products. E-LIQUIDS

You can also mix your e-liquids yourself, you need concentrate and nicotinebase (Only for experienced vapers): NICOTINEBASES

Do I need to pay charges for customs? pays it's taxes in it's origin country, so you do not need to pay any extra expenses! All products of come from ETA-area. ACCESSORIES & SPARE PARTS

What kind of device should I choose to begin? recommends Evod double because of it's high quality and low price. There is two devices in the package. Evod double includes also one nicotineliquid. If you want a little bit more higher quality than Evod double, you should try our some of our more expensive e-cigs. There is a lot of devices to choose from, something for everyone! Everyone of our starting packages include a nicotineliquid just for you!



Congratulations for your choice! Evod  is one of the most popular e-cig on the market for beginners. Evod is designed to be easy to use and good to use, it has reached massive popularity amongst beginners in vaping.

Maintenance and usage:

-Evod e-cig is "locked" when you take it out of it's package! You can open the lock by pressing the powerbutton 5 times in 2 seconds.
-First time charge your battery for 4-6 hours (Never leave battery to charger without supervising!!!)

-We recommend to wash the atomizers before usage
-Rinse the tank with hot water and let it dry

-Never put battery underwater!

-Do not overfill the tank, leave it a little short
-Let the liquid absorb to your coil before using (1h)
-Do not pour the liquid to the centerpipe because it will come to your mouth.
-Rotate the tank many times upsidedown so the liquid is well absorber to the coil.
-Do not press the powerbutton more than 10 seconds in a row or when your out of liquid.
-If you think that the device is malfunctioning, Do not try to dismantle it yourself

Good to remember:

-Change your coil regularly.
-Never let tank go dry! Coil can be damaged if you try to vape with a dry tank.
-If vapour production is starting to get weak, change your coil. If this does not help change your tank/clearomizer..
-Remember to charge your battery in time, if you do not the production of vapour will be weaker
-The longer you obey the manual the longer the device is good to be used
-If you get a taste of burnt, the coil has not absorbed enough liquid or tank is dry. You can get rid of the problem by changing coil.

Enjoy your vaping experience!

E-cig parts?

Battery is the source of energy for e-cig


Clearomizer, the birthplace of vapour from your device!

Coil, the heart of e-cig (needs to be changed once every 1-4 weeks)