is a Finnish-owned company that sells electric-cigarettes and nicotine liquids all around to Europe. We are located in Estonia where we are going to build our shop also in summer 2016. We made this company for people who want to quit smoking and we have found e-cigarettes to be the best way to do it. Both of us are ex-smokers. We were like "chimneys" back then, smoking 2 boxes of cigarettes in a day and then we found e-cigarettes and here we are many years without smoking! 

Now we want to give you that same feeling that we got when we started. First you will notice what you taste everything clearly, you smell things differently. You can choose the amount of nicotine you are using, your mouth wont smell anymore (remember to drink also), your tooth wont take color and you will save a lot of money. We could continue this list like forever. Vaping is also very social thing to do! You can find many groups in Facebook where you can talk with people who have quit smoking also and now are vaping. Ecig's and nicotine e-liquids has helped thousands of our customers to stop smoking! 

You can check our facebook page here (finnish): HAPPYJUICE.EU

It is honor to keep goods in stock for beginners and for professionals also. Our prices will always be very competitive and we will  expand our business with all money comes in! Electronic cigarette industry is very fast crowing market and we are trying to offer the hottest, newest and best product's to our customers. 

Four promises that we will keep: 

  • Reliability

  • Fast Delivery

  • Competitive prices

  • High-quality eletronic cigarette product's, nitocine e-liquids, batteries and spare pars! 

If you have anything to ask our customers service is for you. When we are on live chat, you will get fast answers and if no-one there we will answer inside 24 hours! Fast way to get answer is our Facebook page. You can also send email to us: info@happyjuice.eu facebook sivuston kautta. 

We do this with passion and love

Let's stay in vapes!

Iloiset Mehupojat OÜ

Registration code: 12763565

Maneezi 8, 10117 Tallinn