Happyjuice's delivery and warranty terms


Our products are made of high quality parts and ingredients. We want to offer only the best possible products for our customers. Factories where we order our products are large facilities with large manufacturinglines. When products are manufactured in such great amounts there is bound to be some errors in products. If you have a product which is bought from us and it is not working properly contact immediately our serviceteam which is specialized in warranty and we will take care of these kind of incidents.

Warranty is product-specific:

Batteries and other accessories

  • Functioning warranty when they arrive and 3 month warranty from the factory


  • Liquids do not have refund right or right to exchange them

1. When product arrived to me it did not work properly?

Even thought these products arrive from a factory, there is still some broken ones amongst the others. If you get a broken product contact us within 48 hours and we will try to solve this problem.

2.  My product broke down during warrantytime, what should I do?

Contact us immediately via e-mail at: info@happyjuice.eu and give us these informations:

Serialnumber of product:


Name of the product:

Exact explanation of the defect:

Photos/video of the defect as a proof: 


1) Photos/video has to be from the best possible angle to spot the defect.

2) You will get an answer within two days

3. Taking the product to warrantycheck

When your product has been approved to warrantycheck, you must send/bring it to us. In this check we will dissolve the product and find out where from the abnormal functioning of product is caused. If the abnormal functioning is caused by user: If there is dents, product has been opened, moisture protection has been soaked or other clear abuse of the product, warranty will discharge. If it from another reason we will send/give you a new replacement or order a new product for you from the factory.

If you need anymore information please contact us!