Congratulations for your choice! Evod  is one of the most popular e-cig on the market for beginners. Evod is designed to be easy to use and good to use, it has reached massive popularity amongst beginners in vaping.

Maintenance and usage:

-Evod e-cig is "locked" when you take it out of it's package! You can open the lock by pressing the powerbutton 5 times in 2 seconds.
-First time charge your battery for 4-6 hours (Never leave battery to charger without supervising!!!)

-We recommend to wash the atomizers before usage
-Rinse the tank with hot water and let it dry

-Never put battery underwater!

-Do not overfill the tank, leave it a little short
-Let the liquid absorb to your coil before using (1h)
-Do not pour the liquid to the centerpipe because it will come to your mouth.
-Rotate the tank many times upsidedown so the liquid is well absorber to the coil.
-Do not press the powerbutton more than 10 seconds in a row or when your out of liquid.
-If you think that the device is malfunctioning, Do not try to dismantle it yourself

Good to remember:

-Change your coil regularly.
-Never let tank go dry! Coil can be damaged if you try to vape with a dry tank.
-If vapour production is starting to get weak, change your coil. If this does not help change your tank/clearomizer..
-Remember to charge your battery in time, if you do not the production of vapour will be weaker
-The longer you obey the manual the longer the device is good to be used
-If you get a taste of burnt, the coil has not absorbed enough liquid or tank is dry. You can get rid of the problem by changing coil.

Enjoy your vaping experience!