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Concentrate - Licorice

New product flavors will bring word PREMIUM to next level! These e-liquid flavors have been crafted with passion, love and without forgetting the quality! Mixing ratio is only 2-5%, you decide!   

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Happyjuice - Diy flavors! E-liquid flavor Licorice

Flavors that you have always dreamed of! Rich, clear and tasteful aromas rich aromas which are beyond to compare!

  • Mixing ratio only 2-5% If you like stronger E-liquid, you can add concentrate up to 10% but don't go above it or your liquid is ruined. 
  • These flavor concentrates are made in Europe and it's all natural flavors!
  • 100% natural flavors, no water!
  • To get ready electric cigarette liquid you will need: Base liquid, nicotine base and a touch of the love of the sport.
  • Let your E-liquid mix to impersonate before using it! When you hold your horses for a while before steaming it really gives you more taste and better vaping experience! 


Flavor concentrates are not ready E-liquid! You need to add base liquid and nicotine liquid (if you use nicotine in your liquids) 

To get ready 70VG/30PG E-liquid with strength of 5.7mg. You can order mixed 70/30 nicotine base here

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